Arizona Elk Hunting Laws and Regulations

In the country of Arizona you can legally hunt elk as long as you follow the rule of thumb and regulations set forth by way of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They set those rules and regulations as a manner to shield and manage the elk population. Failure to comply with any of the nation’s legal guidelines is taken into consideration poaching and might result in civil and criminal consequences. You can most effective hunt elk in Arizona at some stage in unique dates and you ought to have a allow to harvest an elk. Resident and non-resident hunters are required to also purchase a fundamental looking license. Arizona has it setup so you can apply for a looking license and elk allow draw via the Arizona Game and Fish Department internet site.

The value as of 2012 for a wellknown hunting license in Arizona is $32.25 for citizens, $151.25 for non-residents and $15.00 for a youth below the age of 14. The price of an elk hunt permit tag in Arizona as of 2012 is $121.50 for citizens, $595.00 for non-citizens and $fifty seven.50 for kids beneath the age of 14; the $7.50 software cost is included inside the price and you could simplest get an elk hunt allow tag via the drawing tactics.

The draw procedure is designed to limit the quantity of elk harvested in a calendar yr to save you over harvesting. The drawing is achieved by using a computer and it is randomized to make it fair to all hunters who practice for an elk hunt permit. You have to have a general looking license for the 12 months the draw is for a good way to be eligible.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department ask that elk hunters submit the elk’s head for CWD testing. CWD is Chronic Wasting Disease and is found in neighboring states round Arizona. This is a splendid manner to assist Arizona display the fitness of its elk populace. To save you the spread of CWD you aren’t allowed to luxury hunting lodges carry again the intact cranium, brain or spinal column from elk or deer harvested from a location out of doors of Arizona.

It’s important to understand that if you’re stuck illegally searching elk inside the country of Arizona that you are considered a poacher and will face civil and viable criminal consequences. Arizona has a application known as Operation Game Thief and it is designed to seize and prosecute poachers. Hunters who witness a flora and fauna crime or see one in action can name (800) 352-0700 to report the crime to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.